Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Border crossing and paper work

In the bus crossing the Thai-Lao Friendship bridge over the Mekong on my way back from Laos I overheard a German couple. When we arrived at the Thai border post, she complaint about all the paperwork. I had to smile. She seems to have no idea how much more difficult it is for Thai people to visit Germany or any other Schengen country. It is not just filling in a form, you have to proof you have a health insurance, enough money, a ticket back to Thailand, and if you are not traveling on a tour you need someone to guarantee for you. And even then your visa application might be rejected, if they have the feeling you do not have enough reason to return to Thailand and might try to stay in Europe. What is this trouble compared to filling in a simple form, handing over your passport, getting a few stamps and smile from the immigration officer?

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